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NHL 2002 Cheats

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Barenaked Ladies:
Using one of the following names create a player: Jim Creeggan, Tyler Stewart, Steven Page, Ed Robertson, or Kevin Hearng. The players will automatically look like the band member.

Slap Shot (Movie) players:
Select the EA Blades team under the custom team category. Enter one of the following players from the Charlestown Chiefs team from the movie Slap Shot and their names will be announced during the game: Reggie Dunlop, Ned Braden, Dave Carlson, Johnny Upton, Morris Wanchuk, and Billy Charlebois.

Bonus players:
Enter Tom Barrasso create a player as a name and the game will complete his abilities and stats.

All-Star teams:
Finish a season and the All-Star game. After saving the game,  two All-Star teams will be playable at the team selection screen.

Make a better player:
Play as two players on different teams and pull the goalie on one team. Have the person you want to improve pass it to him and shoot. Keep scoring with that person for about fifteen goals. During the next game, he will be a big shooter.

Fighting moves:
Press Square for a high punch and X for a low punch if you get in a fight. Press Square + X for an uppercut which will take substantial life from your opponent.

Better fight outcome:
When you get yourself into a fight, don't throw punches. When the fight is over, the other player will get a 5 minute major for fighting and you will only get a 2 minute penalty for roughing.

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